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Personal History

LifeStory :

Robert S. Hunt, (Born: 15 June 1959), is an American publisher known by his publishing entities of Jasper Sinclaire Media, Inc. and Clever Cat-Churchell-Hill Publishers, both headquartered in the city of San Francisco, California in the United States.

Robert grew up in New York City, New York, USA and attended public schools in both Long Beach as well as in Long Island. He was raised partially by his grandparents, Milton and Phyllis Kern. Robert loved growing up with this part of his family, but he had the closest familial relationship with his sister, Debra.

At the age of 10, Robert became a Cub Scout. After which, he became more advanced and progressed to title of a Boy Scout, where he earned several merit badges prior to fulfilling his admittance entrance into finally obtaining the vastly superior title of an Eagle Scout—at the mere age of 13.

Robert was raised within a Jewish background and attended Hebrew school in Long Beach, New York, USA and underwent his Bar Mitzvah in 1972. In regards to intelligence, Robert was considered an above average young man with extremely ambitious goals and ideas, such as someday yearning to become a successful businessman.

By Robert’s 18th birthday, he enlisted into the Naval Reserves where he earned the privilege of becoming a deservedly well-respected and overall involved citizen. During his time stationed in San Diego, California, USA, he remained stateside until his honorable discharge in 1982.

Mr. Hunt began his publishing career as publisher for a food and restaurant magazine while simultaneously operating a small chain of restaurants through his company called General Partnership Group Inc., as the food magazine grew in popularity. The local magazine expanded exponentially into what cascaded into an international online database featuring innumerable restaurants around the world in which the online community members would share the localities of the best restaurants based on quality ratings, menu content, expertise of chefs, and professionalism of restaurateurs.

Concierge Platinum Magazine was an online-only membership service where for an annual fee, the member would be granted access to make dinner reservations, plan traveling trips, book hotels, and much more. Over the passage of time, the successful magazine was sold for a non-disclosed monetary amount to the Gourmet Prestige Publishing Group based out of San Francisco, California, USA.


Business :

Robert’s business holdings came to become blatantly apparent when he invented a women’s cotton-padded menstrual device developed to reduce the amount of bleeding during cycles. At the puerile age of 24, Robert became the first inventor to take the feminine personal care product business to a new, heightened, and unexpected level; thus, one year later, in 1983, he sold his patent for a base-fee with royalties to a personal care product company. Robert continues to receive royalties from Johnson & Johnson based on his designs and current patent-holdings and sales ventures through them.


In 2010, Robert’s shareholdings became further diversified from mere publishing, especially upon the merging with Jasper Sinclaire Media Inc., such as: producing books for children, foods, children’s clothing, animation, and film—which were all based on the stories of his co-founding children’s character, Jasper Sinclaire and Friends, which is sold world-wide under the title of Ingram Content Distributors.


With the purchase of Churchell-Hill Publishing in 2016, Clever Cat Publishing will be granted access to a larger area of publishing categories and genres featuring the published works of novels, fiction, non-fiction, recipe and cookbooks, young adult books, autobiographies, short stories, and specialized, educational books written by countless authors, both new and seasoned. Robert is mainly involved with his two aforementioned entities, but also oversees his corporation through his board of directors and the president/CEO, Debra K. Kanagaki.


History Of Churchell-Hill Publishing :

In the year of 1839, four partners named Prince, Crown, Simon, and Hill started a small printing press in London, England. The partnership mainly focused on publishing the work of young authors in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s stories. Their publishing business was flourishing and many new previously unknown authors became recognized.


In 1879, the senior partner, Thomas Prince, passed on and left his share of the partnership to his daughter Camille D. Churchell whom at the time was married to an assistant of Queen Victoria of the British Royal Family. Camille Churchell had two sons: Richard J. Churchell and Johnathon A. Churchell. After Camille Churchell’s father Thomas Prince died, she appointed her two sons, Richard Churchell and Johnathon Churchell, to help oversee the management of their quickly expanding publishing company.
Over the years, her sons published many works of literature by newly-discovered authors, including Queen Victoria’s private letters as her life as queen. As time progressed, two additional company partners died, Atwell Crown and Steveson Simon. They left their individual shares of the business to their children. It was becoming apparent that their publishing business was gaining momentous success.


Camille’s two sons bought out the remaining partnership from Crown and Simon’s children for £10,000.00. The year was 1901, and Queen Victoria had died, but her private letters as the life of a queen remained. Queen Victoria’s writings went on to gain substantial success all over the world.
In 1908, Churchell and Hill Publishers merged their companies, mutually deciding on the collective title of Churchell-Hill Publishing, Ltd. which was based in the city of London, England. Eventually, the last surviving member, Charles Hill, passed in 1929 and left his share of the company to his son, Collins C. Hill, who went on to take over the publishing operations with help from Richard and Johnathon Churchell. Even though the company was purchased and sold as time advanced, it eventually transformed into a professional business entity with over 6,000 clients worldwide.


In 2014, a newly emerging publishing company based out of San Francisco, California, Clever Cat Publishing, acquired all of the intellectual property of Churchell-Hill Publishing from its predecessors, Desmond Hill, and Segewick Group, a private equity group with origins in the two English cities of Westminster and London.
Robert S. Hunt, publisher of Clever Cat Publishing, also a parent of Jasper Sinclaire Media Management Company, Inc. which started negotiations to structure a financing deal that would allow for a merger acquisition of the two companies to create what is now known as Clever Cat-Churchell-Hill Publishers, headquartered in the U.S. city of San Francisco.


The merger between the companies will officially commence in May of 2016 and will allow Clever Cat Publishing to make use of the entirety of the goodwill and property and will unify the two companies into a novel, singular entity: Clever Cat-Churchell-Hill Publishers of San Francisco, California, USA.


Clever Cat-Churchell-Hill Publishers:

Clever Cat-Churchell-Hill Publishers believes that every potential author should be allowed the opportunity to have their manuscripts published on an open-minded basis. Not all potential authors will be published, but with our open-minded policy concepts, the author will be granted the chance to at least have his or her work reviewed by an experienced editor and staff that will take the time to thoroughly read through their manuscript to review its level of creativity, thought processes, and ideological perspectives—but most importantly, to secure the possibility of a publishing contract for representation.


Our new publishing house, Clever Cat-Churchell-Hill Publishers, offers both new, as well as seasoned authors, this exact opportunity to become published writers with the aid of our new publishing house.
The parent company of Jasper Sinclaire Media, Inc. is moving forward with its IPO in 2017.


Personal Life :

Robert finds satisfaction in donating money to individuals in need and to educational organizations that will utilize his contributions in a meaningful and effectual manner. Mr. Hunt believes in education, loves the arts, theatre, and supports many nonprofit organizations, including the following: Israeli and Palestinian efforts, women’s rights, women and children of domestic violence, children’s hunger programs, educational programs through his publishing companies, as well as the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS).

Political affiliation: Democratic


  •  Children’s Hospital Network Foundation
  •  PBS
  •  Women and Children of Domestic Violence
  •  Children’s Cancer Research
  •  Children’s Diabetes Association
  •  Jasper Sinclaire Children’s Foundation
  •  Foundation for the Health, Welfare, Education, and Protection for Children
  •  Jewish Foundation Simon Wiesenthal
  •  Shriners Hospital
  •  Saint Jude’s Research Hospital