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Robert S. Hunt is the publisher of Clever Cat Churchell-Hill Publishing. The 56-year-old publisher and his partner, Kristina T. Lewis, created Clever Cat Publishing in 2010 with the idea of giving new authors the opportunity to have their manuscripts published. Throughout the years, the opportunity for growth continued to soar along with its client base, Jasper Sinclaire Media, Inc., based in San Francisco, California. Jasper Sinclaire Children’s books are sold through many distribution partners, such as Ingram Content, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chilly Distribution—all across the UK, China, Japan, and South America. Our publishing house believes in providing a source of great opportunity for every newly talented as well as creative, seasoned authors. They will all be given the equal opportunity to have their work reviewed for publication. Our team is committed to providing service and direction in all phases of representation for the duration of the entire publishing process. Let our successfulness in publishing take your manuscript to the next level with our hands-on guidance, expertise, and success. Give our publishing house the opportunity to represent you and your manuscript for publication. Our company merger with Churchell-Hill Publishing will now allow our publishing house to accept many new genres for publication, such as: novels, fiction, non-fiction, love stories, memoirs, autobiographies, short stories, cookbooks, young adult books, and children’s books. I invite you to submit your manuscript for a thorough, complete review at no cost to you!

Robert S. Hunt, Publisher

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